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Fer à Cheval

Marseille Olive Pomace Soap - 1 Kilogram in Six Bars

Marseille Olive Pomace Soap - 1 Kilogram in Six Bars

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One kilogram block of Fer a Cheval's olive pomace soap pre-cut into 6 bars. Made of 72% olive pomace and 28% coconut oil, Marseille soap has a strongly earthy smell and a much more bubbly lather compared with Nablus soap.

Marseille soap is a traditional, eco-friendly soap with a rich history, originating from the French city of Marseille. It is a descendant of the ancient soap-making techniques of Nablus, Palestine, and has been crafted since the 1500s using a cauldron-cooked process passed down through generations.

Composed of 72% olive pomace and 28% coconut oil, Marseille soap is an entirely plant-based product, free of preservatives, dyes, additives, and animal fats. Its earthy scent and bubbly lather set it apart from its Nablus counterpart. Hypoallergenic and biodegradable, Marseille soap serves as a natural alternative to the chemicals found in many skincare and household cleaning products.

The soap is versatile, suitable for personal hygiene, stain removal from fabrics, and even as a natural pesticide in the garden. It comes in generous sizes, often cut into smaller pieces for practical use. With minimal water content, the soap lasts longer, making it economical and environmentally friendly. The packaging is also compostable, further demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

Inspired by the Nablus soap-making process and adapted to local resources, Marseille soap reflects the cultural exchange between Palestine and France, celebrating a shared heritage in the art of soap-making.

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Customer Reviews

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marc surie (Rutherford, US)
dry skin relief

No more itchy skin

Al Edel (Philadelphia, US)
These are really good.

Very good soap. No artificial crap.