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Best soap ever!

I bought the second batch of soaps from this beautiful company today, a larger order than last time. Every one of these soaps are just wonderful! The lather is rich, smooth, and leaves my skin feeling healthy. My mood is lifted every time I wash my hands, my face, and bathe. I feel blessed and pure. This soap is the best in the world, and I don’t say that lightly. May Allah bless you with long life, health and prosperity for bringing this soap into the world.

Nablus Soap Box
Brandon fewkes (Chicago, US)
Great product!

Works great, would definitely buy again

Nablus Soap Box
Jack Van Duine (Denver, US)
No nonsense soap

Good, mild soap. Doesn’t dry out my skin, last a long time. No complaints.

Best soap! I had no idea. Not drying, cleans well, pleasant scent, cleans odors away fast and easily.

Nablus Soap Box
Quincy fassette (Antioch, US)

I truly appreciate your soaps!
My skin feels clean and invigorating

Nablus Soap Box
Richard Fravel (Carrabelle, US)
Nice soap

I was searching for some dry skin relief. I didn't find it in your soap. Otherwise, it is a very nice soap. Smells fresh and lathers nicely.

Nablus Soap Box
Peter Zdrojewski (Belvedere Tiburon, US)
Simple and Beautiful Soap!

Everything is perfect with this absolutely simple and beautiful soap. Skin feels divine after use, and it lasts quite a long while.

I was missing one item 😕

Amazing quality!!!

Nablus Soap Box
sean farrell (St Louis, US)
A really good soap!

I tried this soap recently, and found it to be just what it claims to be.. a good basic soap that lathers well and has a nice scent. And I like that I am doing my part to keep this tradition of soap making alive.

Nablus Soap Box
Anonymous (Greenville, US)
Very nice soap

the paper on the soaps is thin and coming off many of the soaps. I don't mind it for myself, but it would not work as a gift.

This is my favorite soap. It has a clean fragrance, rich lather, and rinses off beautifully. The bars last a long time, too.

The Olive (al-Zaytoon; الزيتون)
Angeline Fletcher (Warren, US)

The Olive (al-Zaytoon; الزيتون)

Will buy again

Naked Nablus Soap

Great smell, beautifully made

The Camel (al-Jamal; الجمل) Overstock


Lovely selection for an affordable price, very gentle soap that cleans well. And so happy to support an age old product and tradition from Palestine!

Nablus Soap Box
malcolm stone (Conway, US)

Nablus Soap Box

Nablus Soap Box
William Steers (Miami, US)
lovely product

smooth and silky without overly fragrant

Nablus Soap Box
Benjamin de Hoog (Brooklyn, US)

Love the soap.

Nablus Soap Box
Nicole Zalat (The Bronx, US)
Will be buying more

The soap does not waste away quickly. It does not dry my skin out, it washes away without leaving residue, and is suitable for both me and my small son who has dry skin. It does not contain any scents, which is good for me because I suffer from migraines and I'm sensitive to perfumes. Overall a great buy for a good price and best of all, supporting Palestinian traditions. With love, from NYC. Free Palestine. <3

Nablus Soap Box
MW (Santa Fe, US)
Great Soap

This soap is wonderful. It doesn't dry out the skin and lasts a long time.

Nablus Soap Box
Sara Carson (Tustin, US)

I love the soap!

Nablus Soap Box
Sandy Ryan (Salem, US)
The Perfect Soap!

Finally, a soap I can trust! I use it all over! My face loves it with no dryness at all! My dry natural curly hair also loves it! I wish I found this soap earlier in life!