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Sabane al-Toukan

The Two Keys (al-Mufftahein; المفتاحين)

The Two Keys (al-Mufftahein; المفتاحين)

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The Two Keys imprint is made in the historic Touqan family workshop in Nablus. Their original factory, as well as their family company, is more than 800 years old and a famous institution of Palestine, located in the center of the old city of Nablus. If al-Jamal has the greatest international recognition, the Two Keys imprint are the most locally famous and are known for the generous size of their bars are on average larger than all the other brands. The Two Keys' main market is in central Palestine in the areas around Nablus.


All the Nablus soap brands we sell are cooked in the traditional style out of olive oil, water, and soda, resulting in a soda-less bar of pure saponified olive oil.


Depends on the particular batch, but bars for all brands we carry usually measure about 2 x 3 x 3 inches and weigh 5 ounces on average.

Care Instructions

Olive oil soap gets better with age. Keep them in a dry place for an increasingly olive-tan colored, dense, sudsy, and less soap-smelling bar. They can be aged even faster in a sunny window.

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The Two Keys Brand

Est. 1359

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Klakulak (Asheville, US)
Soap for Wet Felting

I enjoy using this Olive Oil Soap for wet felting. I find it keeps the wool and my hands moisturized while providing the necessary alkalinity and slip for the fibers to engage, but isnt excessively sudsing. Helping to support these Palestinian Soap cooperatives is certainly a bonus to the quality of the product!


I’ve been using this soap for a year now. Aside from the great quality, I’m happy to support a small business #freepalestine