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Calderon Madera

Oak Soap Dish

Oak Soap Dish

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Handcrafted from American white oak wood by the Calderon Madera woodshop in Wisconsin. The head crafts person of Calderon Madera writes:

"I am a Mexican-American artisan working out of a small garage in Wisconsin. I come from immigrant parents from whom I’ve learned that making a living coincides with making a life you can be proud of, doing something you are passionate about, no matter the challenge. I’ve always enjoyed art but didn’t recognize that it was something I needed in my life. There was a point in time when I went years without any sort of creative outlet and there was this overwhelming feeling that something was missing—always felt a sense of being lost. Gratefully, I have found my way back. It is when I am creating that I feel the most alive and in the moment. It makes me feel truly present."

Calderon Madera designed their self-draining dish to perfectly fit a Nablus soap bar. We also worked with Calderon Madera to design a dish that is maximally resistant to warping and discoloration. Nearly an inch thick and made of old and hard American oak wood, these soap dishes even with the worst care should last at least a decade or more before being considered for gifting to a younger family member or friend or for tossing in the compost pile.

Made in the USA of sustainably harvested Midwestern old growth white oak wood, and heat-treated with beeswax.

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Customer Reviews

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T Atwood (Bloomfield, US)
I love this soap!

The soap is amazing -- my skin is so sensitive and this soap has been absolutely wonderful. This is my go-to soap. I also purchased a beautiful soap dish and that is lovely too! beautifully made!

S. Reid (Brockton, US)
Best Castille soap I've ever used

Bought this back in December in an attempt to support 🇵🇸🇵🇸 - FREE PALESTINE!! I had no idea this would replace my long time favorite body wash - Dr. Bronner's Castille soap. Nablus soap is perfect for my sensitive skin and, unlike other products, doesn't dry my skin to a crisp. I've noticed a new overall glow to my skin, as well as a significant decrease in rashes and other irritation I grew accustomed to using other soaps. I've recommended this to family and friends and can't wait to buy more.

Only word of warning: Though this soap uses natural ingredients, it's still too harsh for sensitive areas. I found this out the hard way, so please proceed with caution.