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Bagatelle Linen Bag

Bagatelle Linen Bag

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The Bagatelle Linen Bag is a practical and durable option for a variety of uses. Made from high-quality, natural linen fabric, this reusable bag can be utilized for storing and carrying an array of items. While it is suitable for holding bread, fruits, vegetables, or other baked goods, its applications are not limited to food storage.

This multi-purpose linen bag can also help you organize household items such as small toys, toiletries, or craft supplies. Moreover, it serves as a useful companion for shopping trips, picnics, or beach outings, allowing you to carry your essentials without relying on disposable bags.

Linen fabric, derived from the flax plant, has several environmental advantages over other materials. It requires fewer resources, such as water and pesticides, during cultivation compared to cotton. Additionally, linen is biodegradable and recyclable, contributing to a lower environmental footprint. The Bagatelle Linen Bag measures approximately 30 x 45 cm, providing ample space for your belongings. To ensure the longevity of the bag, it is recommended to hand wash it in cold water and let it air dry.

Material 100% Belgian linen
Depth 11"
Width 7"
Height 1"-6.5" (collapses)
Care Machine wash at mild temperatures. Line dry. Medium iron if needed.
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Bagatelle Linen Bag